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For businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to joining the low-carbon, circular economy


Less than 18% of all that we produce and consume is currently being recycled, despite the potential for recycling more than 90% of these materials.

Path to

In addition to ending waste, transitioning to a circular economy can deliver 85% of the carbon emissions reductions needed to stay below the 2ºC limit.


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The circular economy is the low-hanging fruit in our fight against pollution and climate change, and the one area every business and person can contribute to today.

Get Started

Certify environmental performance while keeping your data safe.

Track your ProductIDs and MassIDs

Track your supply chain activity using ProductIDs and MassIDs on a global blockchain.

Consolidate your upstream and downstream supply chain data to reduce environmental risk, gain insight into actual recycling and reuse performance, and calculate Carbon footprints to meet Scope 3 Carbon accounting standards.

Go even further and embed MassIDs into your Product IDs to prove recycled content use in your products and invite your customers to verify your claims by searching for ProductIDs and MassIDs stored as unique assets on the blockchain.

(For Corporations)

Certify Reuse & Recycling

Companies can verify and prove reuse & recycling performance conducted by their logistics and waste management service providers by ensuring their MassIDs and Product IDs are tracked.

Independent, third-party auditors certify reuse and recycling, which can be used to meet Extended Producer Responsibility mandates for reducing waste.

In addition, companies earn rewards from reuse, recycling, and carbon credits, which can be applied to reducing service costs associated with composting, recycling, and reuse.

(For Corporations, Producers, Haulers, Processors, and Recyclers)

Get Help in Reducing Your Footprint

Purchase Circular Economy Credits that reward market participants for their environmental work and get "the credit" for that investment.

Recycling and Carbon credits serve as an efficient investment mechanism in the underfunded recycling economy, driving resources into the market where they are verifiably working and helping good actors scale.

The proceeds from the sale of credits are distributed to all participants, serving as rewards for their environmental contributions and encouraging greater participation.

Every company should allocate a portion of their ESG, carbon, & waste reduction budgets to market solutions that drive efficiency at an economic system level.

(For Companies, Fund Managers, Banks, Foundations and Institutions)


Every stakeholder can benefit. CARROT does not compete with the recycling materials or services markets and aims to add value to all participants.

Waste Mgmt Software Apps

Logistics and waste management software providers can connect via APIs with the CARROT Protocol and earn a portion of "ecosystem" tokens generated from the sale of recycling and carbon credits.


By integrating with the CARROT Protocol, recyclers can offer third-party recycling certification to their customers and distribute rewards to them from credit sales, bringing great value to their business.


We all generate waste every day and deserve to know if our sorting efforts are delivering environmental results. Have your waste management activity be certified and prove to your customers, shareholders and regulators that you are doing your part. Do so by contacting your waste hauling provider and asking them to work with Carrot.


Prove recycling and reuse performance to customers, consumers, shareholders, and regulators. Efficiently invest in the recycling economy by purchasing recycling credits that pay all contributors and serve as an incentive for greater participation in sorting efforts.


Work with the CARROT Foundation to establish an EPR program that can fund an efficient local recycling market, reduce waste, extend landfill-life, generate green jobs and reduce municipal costs.


Partner with Carrot Foundation to offer grants that will introduce breakthrough technologies and infrastructure to help transition existing wasteful, linear economies to efficient, Zero Waste circular economies.

Fund Managers

Put good-money to good-work. Help accelerate the transition to a circular economy by purchasing credits that will drive financial resources into the circular economy. We need to disrupt the linear market with incentives that can unlock recycling and composting adoption.


Join us in building the low-carbon, circular economy.