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Carrot is a community-led, decentralized blockchain network tasked with accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

Carrot's moonshot goal is to scale global recycling rates from less than 20% to more than 90% within 15 years.


Carrot is building the decentralized technological infrastructure for the digital circular economy. Carrot is designed to function as a self-sustaining public utility and is stewarded by a foundation located in Switzerland (Carrot Fndn).

Carrot's primary objective is to form an inclusive, scalable, incentive-driven ecosystem that encourages recycling and reuse participation by all, aiming to increase the global circularity rate from less than 10% to more than 90% within 15 years while also, indirectly, becoming the greatest carbon reduction solution in the world.

Carrot plans to accomplish this by creating a technology "trust layer" that fosters collaboration between individuals, businesses, and institutions towards reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Anyone will be able to verify environmental performance data (e.g., recycling and reuse certification and/or ownership of retired credits) and the associated distribution of rewards to its contributors.

Pay-out ratios to participants are also public (coded in smart contracts) and can be adjusted to optimize local recycling and reuse performance in each market, anywhere in the world. In this manner, Carrot provides a solution to reduce waste and carbon emissions that is transparent, flexible, and scalable and that can tackle these challenges with the urgency they require.

The Carrot Foundation aims to facilitate community-led governance of the Carrot Protocol through a progressive decentralization journey until it is fully managed by an open, global community.

The Carrot Fndn is tasked with advancing the development of the Carrot Protocol, evaluating and implementing improvement proposals from the community, and conducting day-to-day operations: bookkeeping, compliance, project management, and general management duties.

The Carrot experience is being designed to be secure, transparent, easy to use, and educational.

Our Mission

To accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy


We believe a low-carbon, circular future can only be achieved through collaboration, but that it must be rooted in individual responsibility.



To build the best digital Measurement, Reporting & Verification (dMRV) environmental accounting platform in the world.


To build a global community that will work together to scale circularity rates from less than 20% to more than 90% and deliver on the pollution-free, low-carbon promise of the circular economy.


To design, develop and maintain the reward mechanism needed to incentivize recycling and reuse participation globally.

Leading the charge

We are proud to introduce to you our Foundation Council members. Elections will be held every year.



Formerly at Goldman Sachs Sales & Trading, 4x tech Founder and 15 yrs in Sustainability. Ian is a technology Advisor to the Zero Waste International Alliance and an Accredited Professional for TRUE Zero Waste & LEED Certification

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Serial entrepreneur with experience in media production, sports business, advertising and big data. An autodidact who built his first company in College. Brought Global X-Games to Brazil, won best film at Rio.

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Foundation Council member

Serial entrepreneur and advisor to blockchain and FinTech companies. Expert in Swiss Foundation management with a passion for sustainability. Masters in Law and an MBA with advanced studies in Blockchain and FinTech.

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Join us in building the low-carbon, circular economy.